Dr Manos Karteris

Senior Lecturer, Head of CBCEL

Dr Karteris PI, has so far published 60 research manuscripts and presented over 100 research abstracts in leading national and international conferences. He also has expertise in intellectual property for life sciences. He has attracted a number of research grants; including NIH, Society for Endocrinology, Wellcome Trust, and Royal Society.

Prof Marcia Hall

Consultant Oncologist and Professor (Brunel University London)

Professor Marcia Hall is a Consultant Oncologist and an active member of the UK National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Ovarian Cancer Study Group, helping to deliberate and plan the research field for ovarian cancer nationally.

Professor Vladimir Anikin

Consultant thoracic surgeon Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust; UK & First Moscow State Medical University; Russia

Specialises in a range of thoracic surgical procedures, including thoracoscopy, diagnostic and interventional endoscopy.

Affiliate Members

Professor George Pados

Consultant, Professor of OB-GYN; Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Lab Photos

CBCEL 2017-2018

Peri, Juhi, Rooban and Dimple at a Postgratuate Conference at Brunel University London

CBCEL 2018-2019

Peri, Juhi, Rooban, Sayeh, Tom, and Aeman

Cancer Genomics 2019

Cambridge, UK : 23 - 26 June 2019

Peri, Juhi and Sayeh presenting their latest work at the EACR conference in Cambridge.

CBCEL 2019-2020

Zena, Rooban, Juhi, Rachel, Sayeh, Peri, Victoria, Heerni and Aeman